This component provides informative text to an UI element.

<Tooltip content="This is a regular tooltip 🏓">




The content that will be shown inside of the tooltip body.

TooltipPlacement (see the Placement section below for values)

Set the position of where the tooltip is attached to the target.


Adjust the component for display on dark backgrounds.


Force the tooltip to always be visible, regardless of user interaction.


Use the tooltip for user on-boarding, guiding information about a new feature, detailed interactive workflows or for a contextual help (eg. over a button).


  • The font size is 12px and font weight is regular.
  • Top and bottom padding around the text area is 4px and 8px for right and left.
  • The max-width for the tooltip is 300px in desktop and 160px on mobile devices.
  • The copy should be instructional and concise. Max 200 characters are allowed.
  • Emojis are allowed to be used 😇


  • The tooltip is accessible on hover or on tap (mobile) and should be automatically dismissed when the user stops hovering the target area (or taps somewhere else on mobile devices)
  • The tooltip should be eased-out.
  • Don’ts: don't change the shape of the tooltip (rounded corners, etc), don’t crop it, don’t hide the element it hovers over


It is possible to adjust the position of the tooltip connection to the target with the placement prop. Below is a list of possible options which are represented in the square next to it. It is important to keep in mind that the tooltip will be moved to a different position if it cannot be shown on the desired side due to screen sizes. Read more about the Tether library here.

Hover me!



Technical Usage

For the Tooltip to work properly, it needs to have a single child component to bind the mouse-enter and -leave events to. The library react-tether which is used internally works with setting a ref to the child. To avoid complications, make sure the child component supports the ref property.

const CustomComponent = React.forwardRef((props, ref) => (
<div {...props}>
<button ref={ref}>Hover to show tooltip</button>
const WithTooltip = () => (
<Tooltip content="Information about your feature">
<CustomComponent />