Everyone is welcome to make contributions to the design system. To make sure that everyone can contribute, we have decided to write out a few steps that help you add your contributions.

Reporting Bugs

The design system is used in many places. We have a hard time keeping our eyes on all of them to keep up with the issues you’re having. If you see something amiss, please create a Github issue so we have insight in order to resolve it.

Submitting Components

When you feel that a specific feature, component, or essential is missing, read this section to find out how you can submit a new pattern to the design system.

To figure out if it belongs in the design system, please check out the workflow below to scope whether a new component should be added to the design system.


This is the submission process for new components, essentials and improvements to existing components:

  1. Create a Github issue with the basic information and gather feedback from the maintainers and your fellow developers
  2. Align with the maintainers and other developers on the API of the component
  3. After the development is done, open a pull request, keeping the development guidelines in mind. You will get feedback here, but we recommend check-ins with designers and developers during the development
  4. With the required approvals, you can merge your branch to main and it will be released by the maintainers in the next version of @freenow/wave

If you need any help during the process, don't hesitate to reach out to one of the maintainers.


If you're looking for something to work on, a great place to start is our issues labeled "help wanted"!

Improve Documentation

The documentation is the most valuable part of the design system. It is hard to keep it updated and informative enough to help others.

We encourage you to add to the documentation page any information you were lack of when using the library. Descriptions, FAQs and explanations are all valuable for us! Documentation PRs are the fastest way to get involved.

All the documentation pages are Markdown-based. You don't need to know how to write code to contribute.

Other Contributions

Not all contributions have to be made in design, code and pull requests. You can for example help your team adopt the design system components or answer questions in issues or discussions.